The Bankers Club

Players are now able to form their own subgroups (investment banks) of players to compete against. While each member of the investment bank is still part of the larger game, the bosses provide rankings of every player within the bank. A little more competition never hurt nobody.

This gives players the ability to form office pools and the like within the context of the Major League Market. You can make your results known to the world if you want, or keep them private to the group. We're curious to see how traders react to the banks' various exploits and reputations.

An investment bank is created by a founder, the person who registers the bank with the Bosses. The founder is given the favor of maintaining the bank, adding new members, and so forth. If you'd like to set up an investment bank, log in and go right ahead! If you don't have an account, this is a good time to register.